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… and a crash-course on the realities of diversity. As a reader of i&m it isn’t just a matter of accepting the situation, but of getting involved in the community. i&m is a popular science magazine that helps you make up your own mind by providing arguments to enable you to challenge, convince and make a difference.


1/2012 The venture that vanished
“We are thinking…” says Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag in a major interview about urban development policy. “The metropolitan venture” came first, then “urban development policy” with the aim of promoting growth and ending segregation, then outsiderhood. What happened, what was it like and what’s happening now? What do the researchers have to say and what do practitioners think about the processes that resulted? Follow also the work that is taking place at the family centre in the multicultural suburb of Vårby.


Next Issue
Looking back at forty years of immigration and integration policy. What kind of issues were debated in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and the 21st century?
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Sign of the times
”Twenty years of integration policy and segregation has never been as obvious as it is now” is what it says in i&m1/2000. That issue highlighted suburb projects that had either been aborted or prematurely laid down. Now, more than a decade later, the landscape is bleak. Segregation has become more established and social and economic polarisation more obvious. Suburb-based projects became “the metropolitan venture” that gradually turned into “urban development policy” – which in turn also seems to have vanished as a special national policy area. /…/ the growing and increasingly ethnically-coloured poverty cannot be solved in outsiderhood areas. It demands long-term thinking and a holistic view, where individual ventures run paralle...


No 1 MARS 2012

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